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Client Reviews

"Vivienne came out to my young mare Bia. She has a calm, professional approach and is also physically confident, particularly when my mare was quite reactive and sharp on the ground. Vivienne was extremely thorough and spent as much time as necessary to obtain the release my mare needed. I was really impressed with the follow-up notes and videos to help explain the exercises to benefit my mare. I would definitely recommend Vivienne as a great person to offer massage therapy as a complement to veterinary and physiotherapy support"

Sarah and Bia 



"Vivienne has been to see 3 of our horses now and they’ve all really benefited from their treatments. She really takes time to gain the horse’s trust so they can relax into the massage, and follows up quickly with a really useful summary including exercises to use. Highly recommend - and she’s also absolutely lovely!"

Katherine Mieras


"Absolutely loved watching Vivienne at work with the horses. Amazing to see the horses reactions as she works out the tension from their bodies. The horses absolutely adored their session and Vivienne was so patient and gentle. Her calm attitude was really helpful relaxing the horses, especially Mr. Naughty fidgety fell pony! Vivienne has such a fantastic positive attitude and I can’t wait to get her back to do more of our horses in the coming months!"

Dominique Mills - Highlands Unbridled








Don’t know what you did with my pony on Friday but he seems to have morphed into a top dressage pony ! He felt amazing today, thanks so much xxx

Valerie and Hugo

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