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I have a number of sessions and packages available depending on you + your horses requirements. If you aren't sure what would be best for your personal situation, pop me a message and I'd be happy to discuss how I can help

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All new clients must have an initial assessment appointment. I ask you to complete a pre massage questionnaire, and we can chat about any concerns you may have. At your appointment, I will assess your horses conformation, both statically and dynamically, before palpating them to identify areas of tension or tightness. Your horse will receive a full massage + stretching treatment, and I'll create a bespoke follow up 'homework' plan to help you maximise the benefits of your massage session. Initial appointments take around 90 minutes and you must be present for this session.

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Full massage + stretching treatment, reassessing any previous issues and treating any newly identified issues. I will discuss and make changes to your 'homework' plan as required, depending on your horses individual requirements. Routine appointments can be block booked to qualify for a saving over booking individual sessions.

REHABILITATION MASSAGE THERAPY - £45 per session, or ask me about rehab packages

Massage can be used to support your horse through their box/field rest and rehabilitation journey. Massage  can help reduce healing time + aid recovery, improves lymphatic drainage, reduces scar tissue, prevents muscle wastage post injury and aids in joint mobilisation. Rehabilitation massage forms part of your rehab plan alongside veterinary advice and any other equine professionals your horse may require. 

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Pre competition massage is the perfect preparation to ensure optimal performance prior to competing. I'll perform 30 minutes of targeted massage over the main muscle groups to soften, supple and relax your horse. Post competition, massage is highly effective at aiding muscle recovery, identifying and treating any niggles that have arisen, and helping to remove toxins from the muscles after their sustained competing effort. Your horse must have been seen by me for a full massage in the 8 weeks prior for me to undertake pre/post competition sessions

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